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  • Terrat AS

    Constructing routes on Lõuna street in Pärnu

  • Nordecon Infra AS

    Planning and constructing water and sewage systems in Kärla, Salme and Valjala parishes

  • Kohila Maja OÜ

    Buiding water and sewage systems on the intersection of Raadiku and Jõe streets

  • Oma Ehitaja AS

    Building a fully functional water and sewage systems for Police and Fire department house in Rakvere

  • Merko Ehitus AS

    Building an water and sewage system for Tuulevälja OÜ and Vesiroosi road during the water management project of Rae parish and Pirita river

  • Põllumajandusamet

    Board of agriculture

  • Põllumajandusamet

    Clearing state managed Karvoja stream from bushes

  • Põllumajandusamet

    Digging a state managed ditches for Vigala river

  • Nordecon Infra AS

    Building water and sewage routes for Kasemäe area in Jüri borough

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